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The Caverns - thecaverns.net - Sept 2016: http://www.thecaverns.net/Wordpress/going-color-indi-martin-can/

Hagerstown Magazine - Jul/Aug 2016

My art was featured in Hagerstown Magazine in an article titled "Creating the Creatures and the Cosmos!" However, I tend to ramble in interviews (I get nervous!), so a few minor corrections just to pacify my burgeoning OCD! I did only take two art classes at university, but one was a drawing course and one was color theory - I've never actually taken an oils class (though I'd LOVE to). I was only A lead artist on Veranthea (for one continent), sharing the lead with Jacob Blackmon and Nathanael Batchelor - both amazing artists who had their own continents to create visuals for! And while I was pre-med for a hot minute (a semester, maybe two), I graduated with polisci/international relations, because I couldn't imagine spending some of the best years of my life in that many math classes. What can I say, I was a path-of-least-resistance student! ;)

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