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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August is the Sunday of Summer

Welcome back to THC's occasional update of what's happening in the studios. Here's what's new and on the horizon here for us!

  • Upcoming Appearances 
    • 9/11/15: 2015 Metro Event (Geocaching), New Jersey 
    • 9/25/15: Baltimore ComicCon (3 day), Baltimore, MD
    • 10/15/15: Going Caching (Geocaching), Rome, GA
    • 10/30/15: AnimeUSA (3 day), Washington, DC
    • 11/14/15: Fine Arts Company (Meet & Greet), Hagerstown, MD
    • 11/22/15: VA Comicon (2 day), Richmond, VA

A massive thank you to our patrons and commissioners - we couldn't do this without you! 

Faire Direct

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