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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 By the Numbers

It's December, and we're fast coming up on another click of Earth's odometer, so I thought I'd take a moment for retrospection before we slide into 2017. Welcome to 2016's By The Numbers, where I throw out a lot of big numbers and some not-so-big numbers to try to quantify the year. :) 

  • 107: Client pieces completed in 2016 (not counting con commissions) Want your own? Check out my rates and waitlist here: http://indigowarrior.deviantart.com/journal/
    A sampling of some of my client pieces for the year!
    • 6: Covers (Sylph, Recap, Dark Unknown, DU Players Reference Guide, VC Radical Pantheon, Hypercorps: Wasteland) 
      A sampling of some of my covers!
    • 3: Commissioned watercolors (Phydra, SuckerPunch, Sylph)
    • 11: Pencils
  • $4,063.00: Total raised for my Art of Indi Martin: Coloring Book! Kickstarter in October! <3 Thank you to all 84 of you who supported, and although it's not slated for focus until the start of the new year, I have another fun number just for you:
    • 23: Total coloring pages completed thus far! Here's a brand new one, in which I decided to sacrifice a few sanity points to cherry blossoms. :)
      "Ranger & Cherry Blossoms" - Indi Martin, 2016
  • 264: Total posts on Patreon! Patreon was a big deal for me in 2016, and my patrons managed to keep my bacon out of the frier a few times, financially. Thank you so much for your support - I will keep doing whatever I can to make sure my feed is the most robust, and I am the most interactive that it and I can possibly be. Join me! www.patreon.com/tortoiseharecreations 
    • Growth: I started with 18 lovely patrons in January of 2016, and that number has nearly doubled to 30! YOU ARE AWESOME, PEOPLE. Not yet a patron? www.patreon.com/tortoiseharecreations 
    • Patron-exclusives: 
      • 16: Total stock art pieces made available to Patrons for free (with license) in 2016
        • 4: holiday stock art monsters, unreleased to anyone else and unavailable except by being a patron! 
      • 31: First dibs on original artwork for sale (all 31 ink pieces for Drawlloween)
      • 8: Full .psd files of my artwork
  • 66: Personal pieces (non-client, not counting over a hundred sketchbook pages)
    • 23: Dangerous Women (of which 4 have been painted either digitally or via watercolor for fun ^_^)
    • 6: Pieces completed in and around Gishwhes (not a gisher? Change that! Have the best week of your year! www.gishwhes.com )
    • 4: Fan art pieces - All I got done in the fan art realm this year was a finished Punisher painting, and three pencil pieces - 011 (from Stranger Things), SpiderGwen, and Jon Snow
  • 24: Conventions attended - as far away as Norman, OK (SoonerCon!) and Denver, CO (GeoWoodstock!)

Notable misses to make up in 2017:

  • Writing: 2016 broke the book-a-year publishing streak I was on and in fact featured virtually no writing whatsoever. This was not by choice, but by necessity, as writing is a long-term investment and 2016 demanded short-term money options, so art was absolutely my focus - primarily client art. However, I have a science-fiction serial novel in mind, and the next trilogy arc of the Gina Harwood series outlined, so it is certainly in my future. :)
2016 was the 5th year since Tortoise & Hare Creations took its first shaky breath, but it's been - by far - the busiest - I said that last year and it's true again this year! THANK YOU for being here with me, and I hope you're just as excited as we are to see what Year 6 brings to THC!

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