Monday, September 7, 2015

September Days

Welcome back to THC's occasional update of what's happening in the studios. Here's what's new and on the horizon here for us! If you like what you see, come and join us at - don't miss out on one more month of our exclusives!

  • Crowley - With Crowley, the planned four-piece Supernatural set (Dean, Sam, Cas & Crowley) is now COMPLETE! Prints are available here: or get the FULL Supernatural set at a discount here:   
  • Full time-lapse greyscale-to-color video - see how Indi's most popular paintings are created start-to-finish, and get a view of Charlie (Felicia Day) from Supernatural to boot! Subscribe to our channel to see all of our video projects:
  • Stock Art! More stock is being uploaded weekly at our DriveThruRPG site - if you need art for anything, check out what we've got: 
  • New Patreon Stock Art Bonus! Every quarter, our patron will be given SIX new pieces of stock art that they own and can use for any project - the quarter will have a theme, and all six pieces will be part of that theme. This month's theme is the lovely horse, so I'll be drawing anything from the humble pack mule to a frightful Nightmare. These are FREE to all of our patrons! Check out the first one and sign up to join us today! 
  • Commissions are currently open - get on the list today!  This is Altrar the Ancient, painted by commission for 
  • Appearances - Updated our 2015 "We Create Dwarf Planets" tour poster for the remainder of 2015 - we run specials at all conventions and festivals, come out and see us if we're in your neck of the woods! 

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